Chinese Ginger Jar with Tongzhi Mark

Started by tfifeco, Dec 12, 2021, 06:04:45

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I am new new and relatively new to chinese porcelain. I just picked up with Ginger Jar with what appears to be the Tongzhi Mark from the research i have done. Would you have any info about this Jar, the Mark it has and if it would have any value? thanks in advance


Decoration, mark, triangle are typical of Macau production of 1970s.
The mark is Tongzhi, but not of period.
This is my personal opinion.


Thank you for the reply, so would that mean this piece is a fake Tongzhi piece? Does it have any value?


It is not to be considered fake, modern porcelains use reign marks as decoration.
This is not an antique and should has little collecting value, in my opinion.


It is just a 20th century piece with a spurious mark. Even antiques of the Ming and Qing dynasties do sometimes have marks of earlier reigns on them. For this reason the mark is the least important in any age evaluation when it comes to Chinese ceramics.