Yixing tea pot with pewter and brass dragon

Started by Stan, Aug 08, 2021, 06:12:10

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Hi Peter, I know there is not much information on Yixing ware, but this has a coin fitted into the lid, and the bottom has Chinese and english writing, Im just wondering if their could be a date on the coin or on  the bottom or a name that could point to a specific date, I am thinking 2nd half of the 20th but could it be earlier?


Here are the last two photo's, thanks.


I have no idea, Stan. Most porcelain collectors here know next to nothing about Yixing wares. The latter are usually better known to tea enthusiasts. I hava a page or two regarding this in the main site.
With experience in porcelain we still cannot decide the age of Yixing stoneware. All look more or less the same. This said, although we all know these, a special study would be necessary. I have never seen one with metal fittings like these although Yixing teapots are plenty here. Not sure if they were made mainly for export with such metal fittings.