Chinese export bowl.

Started by de munte, May 16, 2021, 05:06:47

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de munte

Today I bought this beautiful bowl. Very happy with it.

I think this can be dates as early 29th century?

Greetings de munte

de munte

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Hi De Munte, this is an alter bowl, with everything bing outlined in black I would think this to be a little later , mid 20th century.

de munte

Thanks Stan.

I like this style of Chinese porcelain.


In my view this is not export porcelain, and it would be normally late Qing, but the colors of the flowers might have been retouched in the 20th century. Typically these bowls were thickly potted and have the same green interior and foot decoration. Sometimes the foot area is also green.
Often one finds some heavily repainted last century because the damaged decoration. I believe the mark was also added in the 20th century.

de munte

I don't like it that it is repainted. I like porselain that is handpainted and original .

I find it a nice bowl tot see. But I don't like the story of it.

Can read something about that repainting on Chinese porcelain on the internet?

This is second half 20th century? And wich people repainted this porcelain?

Greetings Peter


My recommendation is to stay away or ask before you buy such wares. Almost all have been heavily used and show abrasion of colors. If you see one with color decoration intact, better evaluate strictly if it could have been repainted/over-painted before buying. If in doubt, do not buy. These are mostly low value domestic wares.

What happens in China apart from faking is that they take items with damaged/abraded decorations, many from the late Qing dynasty or early republic period, and they redo or completely over-paint the decorations. Here, there may be just a minor repainting the case, but the white/pink petals can hardly be from the Qing dynasty.