Qianglong mark Cup w/ lid

Started by smak, Apr 23, 2021, 03:13:03

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What do you guys think? Export? I'm getting a feeling it might be japanese.


Yes, I also got the impression that it might be Japanese.
Is that decoration inside on the bottom, surronding the center medallion, painted with gilt? That would be most impractical as gilt must be added last on top of the glaze, requiring an additional firing with a low temperature. But it abrades easily with use, so if that is gilt then it was not meant for actual use. My personal view.


I see, sorry Peter I thought there was a chance it might be Chinese!

check out the Kangxi plate I posted shortly after this one!


Well whoever made it certainly did not know how to write a Qianlong mark, The Qianlong mark that the Japanese copied looked a little more authentic, this could have been made by anyone.