Chinese celadon, old or new?

Started by de munte, Apr 14, 2021, 21:35:23

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Hi de munte,

The glaze is not clear enough to see tiny details, but I think I can tell from the close-up images of the base that it is a fake Yaozhou bowl.
First, the foot rim shape is not right, and its edges are rounded. Then the foot rim color is similar to that of other kilns, but Yaozhou should not have that orange color. The chips on the foot rim are irrelevant, though, they are frequently encountered on foot rims of certain more ancient kilns. (Because the clay color of certain kilns  is important when deciding authenticity, some people intentionally make a chip to check the clay color below the surface.)
Then, the interior of the foot has the same glaze as the outside of the item. That should not be.

de munte

thanks Peter and Stan

think it is a fake

maybe I meet one time a specialist who can I show the bowl in real life


greetings Peter


Just a hint...Yaozhou bowls do have a yellowish/brownish color on the inside of the foot rim or on the base, covering these or only any areas not covered by the exterior celadon glaze. There are exceptions, but this is possibly the most important thing to check with Yaozhou items. Other kilns and fakes usually do not have this. The color of that is different from the celadon glaze.