Weird Qing Bowl? Might not be Chinese..

Started by smak, Apr 12, 2021, 07:39:17

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What do you guys think?




Hi smak, you don't think this is painted much too sloppy? First the colors and color combination is unlikely either imperial period or republic, or any serious production IMHO. If you look at the faces in the second image from top you clearly see that the facial features in gray or printed. That could mean the whole thing had contours pre-printed and then the colors were filled in. Not a traditional Chinese way of producing quality porcelain even today, I'm afraid. I would let it go...


Hi Peter!

Thanks for the reply! I was thinking the same, had no intentions of buying this at all. Just curious about this bowl, and where it mightve came from.. I'm thinking Japanese the more I look at it, could be Kanji at the bottom of the bowl and not Chinese.