Ming Bowl with Mark (Have doubts)

Started by smak, Mar 14, 2021, 08:53:08

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Hi all,

Need your thoughts!

I have some doubts but I am not sure. Im thinking maybe republic era or newer.





A Wanli wucai Kongming bowl in such a good condition?! Most red-green or wucai wares would should some abrasion of the colors, if so big, especially the bowl interior would be abraded. The foot rim does not appear to be of the period. A reign mark on such a bowl would be more than unlikely. The few I have seen were blue/white and their decoration not of the best quality.
Search for "kong ming bowl" and you will find several similar ones for sale. These are all suspect...


Thanks Peter! Learning something new everyday! I thought it was a steal but turns out these were mass produced!