Ming Bowl with Vajra marks

Started by smak, Mar 07, 2021, 02:21:58

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Hi all,

When do you think this was made? And what do you think of this? I just got this! Paid $170, hope I did okay!

I've been told, similar pieces have been getting harder and harder to find. Is it easier to be found in your region? I'm from the states, and I do come across these time to time, but not as often anymore.


Looks like early Ming. You can look at items of this period at earlyming.com. These items are all right.


Thanks Peter!

What is the website? I tried earlyming.com and didnt work.


My apology, please use www.taimantis.com/chinese/ming1.html.
(The site owner seems to have moved EarlyMing from the earlyming.com domain to a directory of the other site. As you see the site is specialized on bowls.)
BTW, the reason that I think this bowl is early Ming is mainly due to similar items, and the interior bottom decoration. Some may go back as much as far as the Yuan dynasty, but those usually do not have a glazed bottom.

Virtually all of these bowls are from private kilns.


Thats amazing! I wish there were books or catalogues or websites to see what early ming stuffs look like! examples of these more common pieces arent usually documented.

Whats the collectors value on these?


In my view these are items that every collector wants/needs in the early stage, but the investment value is low. Price should not be high.