Ming Bowl, never seen this design.

Started by smak, Mar 07, 2021, 02:20:13

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Hi all,

Im thinking late Ming? Early Qing? Never seen this design before.

What do you guys think?


The decoration would also be early Ming, I think, but the condition of the glaze and overall is almost too good for that period. Most items of that period that I have seen have usually a less shiny white glaze, a somewhat faded blue color, or are otherwise imperfect.


Would you say that this is a reproduction then? Or from later Ming to Qing?


Really not sure...I know nothing of modern reproductions of such items. These are more common items, not of the type that is usually faked. But it might be from later in the Ming dynasty or even Qing. Such an excellent condition would be possible if it was from an underground storage room, or similar. One question, is the top rim completely level all around? Is there any scratching visible if viewed with a magnifier, or are there any other usage signs? Rim damage from use?
Virtually all bowls and plates from the early to mid-Ming dynasty I have show a slightly yellowish or grayish glaze, not such a bright white. Still, it is impossible to deny the possibility of an exception.


I see! Thanks for the explanation Peter!

I saw this up for sale and just trying to know more about it. Seller is asking $350. I think I'll pass on it for now..