Hongxian Mark Plate?

Started by smak, Mar 01, 2021, 04:51:48

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Hi all,

Need your thoughts! I think its more modern but not sure.






This is one I cannot help with. Mostly, items with this mark are from the republic period or later fakes.
As you probably know that is the "reign" mark used when Yuan Shi-kai tried to usurp the throne after the end of the empire. Some items marked like this seem to have been made, but I coluld not even say if they were blue/white wares. I know of polychromes.
Unfortunatley, the brown color of the foot rim looks similar like that of later fakes. Neither a new nor an old item could have such a footr im color, unless it was dyed. So, very likely it is a fake. Authentic items with Xuantong or Hongxian marks which are old were mostly made in the early republic period, but they are few.


I wouldn't trust this either.
Hongxian marks are indeed never of the period.
They were seen on wares of the 1930's and on many fakes.

Very dark brown foot rim but clean white glaze is a no-go for me.
If the foot rim looks like that you'd expect that the glaze is at least dirty too.

Kind regards,



Thank you all! I agree, I think its more modern than it looks!