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Started by joseph, Feb 26, 2021, 01:47:24

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This is either not Chinese, not that old or both.
The shape is nothing traditional Chinese; the body is too round (ball shape) for Chinese wares. Then the base, there should be no such foot in Chinese wares. The mouth is also a strange shape, if it was Chinese.

This crackle ware, the crackles look as if they were intentionally made. With such crackling, if old Chinese, it is often possible to see the general direction the turn table rotated while being made on the wheel. This direction is not visible at all. That might mean that it was in a mold or injected. Overall this looks too new. The glaze is too reflective. The black area looks as if it developed in the kiln, during firing. Not really an age sign.

Inside it looks also odd. If it is such a shape it would normally be for containing liquid, and it would be glazed completely. Here the glaze was running down inside the neck, but the bottom looks fully glazed.

In my view there is nothing making it look traditional Chinese, nor are there any genuine age or usage signs.