hi , for you it s 1940 or later ?

Started by joseph, Feb 18, 2021, 01:16:48

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Yongsheng Color Porcelain Factory ?


Anything having the term "factory" in the mark is likely PRC republic period factory names were few. Also, this type of seal characters was hardly used on porcelain before about the mid-20th century.
Your translation is a literal transcription of the Chinese name, but it is difficult to know if the English is/was really the same.
There is another problem with the second character on the left side: is it 瓷 or 記 . Either two factories existed, or it is the same, but it seems there are different opinions to which character that is. Both names seem to be factories located in the Guangzhou area, according to the Internet, but there are others with similar names, and it is difficult to decide whether this is a current operating company or not.


On Internet, the mark is reported as Yong Sheng Cai Ci Chang - Yong Sheng Decorative Porcelain Factory.
If you Google this name, you find pieces with similar decoration.


Yes, Adriano, but this is only part of them. Some others interpret the middle character as 'ji', not 'ci'. The problem is that there are many types of seal script characters and many people have difficulties reading some (I mean even Chinese).
When I did a search in Chinese using the 'ci' characters there are results quoting the 'ji' in the name, but the mark is the same with both. It could even be that these are the same company or belong to the same company, who knows. The data of older companies are sometimes difficult to find. Perhaps the company changed names or expanded or was absorbed by another one. There are too many possibilities. To make sure one would have to check the company registries, perhaps.


Sometimes it is difficult to obtain any data on older manufacturers, but in this case there is too much, with a mark that uses a character in an old style that is difficult to identify. That way of writing the ci character is not even listed in the Kangxi dictionary.


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The thing that I find most intriguing about these wares (I have a tea caddy in my collection) is that they mostly appear to be copies of Samson ware, which were themselves copies of 18th century Oriental and European porcelain wares. They have quite a distinct color-scheme compared to the originals, especially the red/pink enamels.


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