Ming Plate with Mark

Started by smak, Feb 06, 2021, 12:08:12

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I do not know the rim decoration. On the surface it looks as if it was a rim similar to those in the late Ming dynasty, the Zhangzhou wares, but it differs somewhat. The glaze and blue pigment do not look like Xuande to me. I have also doubts about the foot rim shape. The decoration looks more like late Ming, but the foot rims of plates from the late Ming dynasty seem to be narrower and a bit inclined.


It looks to me as they tried a ming heap & pile effect but it seems it has gone terribly wrong. Even the later heap & piles of the Qing period are very different.
Also, is it possible that they treated the surface with acid to age it artificially?
It seems like that on the pictures.

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The yellow-ish tint does look like its been treated.. I'm not sure how I feel about this piece as well! Just reaching out to see what you guys think!