Chien Lung

Started by Langley, Mar 17, 2021, 03:17:12

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Hello, I found two plates / saucers at a garage sale.  Hoping the pictures are good enough, I would love input and information on authenticity, value etc.. I have no previous knowledge of porcelain, please let me know if I need to provide more pictures.

Thhanks in advance!


Qianlong (Chien-Lung) reign should be right, in my view. But whether it is within the short time span given may be difficult to tell, unless there is some source giving information with import data. The Qianlong reign lasted 60 years.


It could be that it is a similar pattern to a known, dated example of European pottery or porcelain. The pink and green decoration certainly resembles English 18th century porcelain made in Lowestoft around 1760-1800. Of course at that time decoration themes were passing back and forth between Europe and China so still a challenge to work out the dating


If you find a similar decoration made in Europe, I would advise to check the bottom. This is a typical Chinese foot rim of the 18th century. I doubt you will find a similar one in Europe, but it would be interesting if you find this exact type of base elsewhere.