19th century fish cup - Kangxi mark?

Started by JjGhandi, Dec 30, 2020, 00:20:31

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Hi Stan, Peter,

I got this fish cup recently.
I've seen the decoration before, always listed as 19th century with various marks.

This one has a 4 character mark.
The  first and 3th character look like the Kangxi characters but the second and fourth not so much.
Is this a variant of a Kangxi 4 character mark and 19th century?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



1 more pic of the decoration


It looks to me like someone could not write Chinese, it almost looks like marks you see on Japanese porcelain trying to copy a Chinese mark, the Japanese wrote some of their marks with a slang or so sloppy it makes it unreadable. I do not see Kangxi though, I think Peter will have a better answer.


It says Kangxi all right, Stan. The character writing style is different but does exist.
This looks like export, but the foot rim has a worm back. Probably Guangxu reign.


Hey Peter,

Thanks a lot.
Very good to know!

Kind eegards,