Ming dynasty? I'm not entirely sure..

Started by smak, Dec 20, 2020, 13:51:03

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Hi all,

I'm having some doubts that this is real, the beak of the bottle is different colors.


This is Kraak porcelain. It is difficult to judge if the body is authentic, due to its odd yellow color, and the strange bottom. Would need a hands-on inspection to decide.

Yes, the item looks as if the spout is not the original one. The bottle is not in its original state even if the parts are both Ming, in my opinion. The glaze color of the spout is right. The spout may be from a different item and was added later as replacement The neck was cut off and a metal fitting with lid added.


Here are two not very sharp pictures of such bottles. They were in the background and thus not clearly visible. The blue color tone is right. Shown is the actual bottom, although there is another type with a garlic-shaped mouth.