Qianlong (?) Bowl

Started by TKNZ, Dec 16, 2020, 10:18:15

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Hi all,

I recently got this small fine porcelain bowl with a Qianlong mark, although I have no idea how to tell if it's fake or has an apocryphal mark as I have essentially no experience with imperial ceramics. I think the decoration is Ming inspired and is using a couple of shades of blue pigment. There are two dragons, flowers which I am assuming are chrysanthemums, and a banana-leaf border to the base. It's definitely hand-painted and not a transfer, and the porcelain form itself is a good quality.



A couple more photos.



I'm not an expert but the mark seems off, glaze too shiny & white and the mark seems off.
Also the dragons are sloppy.
I'd say late 20th century but that's just my 2 cents.

Kind regards,



Hi Thomas, it is my understanding that these types of dragons with the split tails were not used in the Qing dynasty, but in the Ming, I agree with JJ 20th century.


The base is wrong for any antique period.
First, the leaves around the the foot rim represent banana leaves. They should have an empty, that is white, central rib. A full rib was only used in the Yuan dynasty.
The dragon has no claws and its mane looks more like a lady's wig. On a Qianlong item it would have a fierce expression. The flower shapes may resemble modern ones, but not the style that was used in the Qing dynasty. I'm afraid this is a modern item.


Haha, pretty much as I expected. Good thing I only paid $10 for it at a second hand store, and it remains a nicely made item to look at. What a shame they had to go and plaster a shoddy reign mark on it.


99% of reign marks are spurious and therefor we need to look at everything else, age signs, decoration, colors and many more factors, but your right it is a nice rice bowl.