Blue and white lidded vase

Started by Kinnan, Dec 11, 2020, 23:09:10

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any ideas to the origins and date of this vase?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Kinnan,

Looks like kangxi revival to me.

The decorations of prunes, base, amount of rust spots and people are typical in my view.
What's funny are the 'big nose' people. Somehow this was a trend in Kangxi Revival faces. People painted with oversize noses :)

Kind regards,



This does not look right to me. I'm afraid this is a more recent product.
The blue color tone of lid and jar do not seem to be exactly the same, and the blue on the jar does not look like late Qing. Then the lid height is out of proportion. Such a shape may exist in export porcelain, but not domestic porcelain, and this is not export.
Also, usually such lids are found on temple jars, but this looks like a ginger jar.
The tree painting may be a bit too modern for Qing, that means it appears to have been  influenced by western painting style, in my opinion. An influence that started to appear in the early 20th century.
There is too much gloss of the vitreous glaze, even the bottom it is reflective.

Is the base protruding at the sides, or does it look that way in the picture only? If it is, this is odd. Never saw such a base in traditional Chinese porcelain.
The inside looks pristine, so does the top rim, the color if which seems to be dyed.
There are too many tiny glaze spots everywhere; they might be artificially made. My personal view.


Hi Peter,

You're probably right. I'm too quick (and inexperienced) to judge, sorry.

Kind regards,