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Started by rgomes10, Dec 02, 2020, 03:50:41

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Can you help with the mark identification, please?
Thank you so much.
Best regards,


I believe that is a Jiaqing mark, they are usually centered but their are exceptions such as yours, it would be nice to see the whole bowl, or what ever it is, I do not think that this mark was ever apocryphal, what I can see from the decoration was a decoration used in that period.


Look at the topic "Bowl" five posts down from here. This seems to be the same bowl with a slightly different mark only.


Your right Peter, looks the same as the previous posts.


This mark uses an almost unreadable abbreviated character type typical for the period, but the little bit of decoration visible looks as if it was the same decoration as in the former post. This type is very common.
These marks have little value for dating, they can only be used for confirmation of other factors used for evaluation of authenticity. And they can be fake.