Re: japane imari vase

Started by de munte, Nov 30, 2020, 06:16:29

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de munte

I bought this vase this weekend, can someone tell me or this is antique or modern?

When I search same vases at google I see a lot of vases who look like this one BUT I can NOT find a imari vase with the 3 stripes on the bottem my bought vase have.

Greetings Peter


Hi Peter, I would think this is late Meiji or Taisho period, the earlier ones would be much thicker with age signs.

(Stan, this is de Munte's post not mine, but thanks for answering.)


Thanks Peter, At the end of De Munte's sentence, he wrote Greetings Peter, I misinterpreted, like greeting from Peter, sorry De, and Peter.