Porcelain Gu Vase

Started by tipton444, Nov 24, 2020, 03:21:20

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Another piece from the estate auction I am curious about.  I know the decoration is incredibly simple and basic looking, but I'm pretty sure I've seen some Kangxi or Kangxi revival pieces similar to this.  The foot is pretty white overall, but it does have some kiln grit, which leads me to believe it does have some age to it.  Could this be early 20th century?  Or even earlier?  Or am I wrong and not that old?

Thanks guys


More pictures


Question to Stan -- did Japan make any Gu vases? If yes, is this Japanese?


Hi Peter, to me this is Japanese, the decoration and foot rim is similar to other items found from the mid to late Meiji, Also the the top inside decoration is typical on Japanese porcelain, and the answer to your question " Did the Japanese make Gu vases " Yes, I have several examples in my books on Japanese Porcelain.


Excellent, I thought it could be Japanese but I also wasn't sure if they made gu vases.  Glad I posted, thanks guys.