FLower pots (fish bowl)

Started by samborsu, Nov 17, 2020, 00:50:44

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Hello, I would like some info on these 2 flower pot (fish bowl) I have them for over 45 years. Any idea? They are 11" h x 12" diameter. Thanks


Please avoid showing two or more items in one picture. This leads to individual pictures showing too little detail. In this case, for example, it would be impossible to see if some of the details are printed or all is hand-painted. Details of the glaze, like spots, indents, surface consistency etc. all may provide hints as to the manufacturing time.
It is easy to copy imitate a painted decoration at a later time, but glaze, blue color and manufactuing methods can only be evaluated close up. Some details of features might help. Threfor partial pictures are often of help too.

The bottom here shows good detail, but what it tells must be confirmed. We usually evaluate at least five features of an item. The inside wall, if visible, is also important. In China many items were made in two or more parts, depending on size, which then were fit together. There is a seam visible, usually in certein period items. And, blemishes also tell usually about the manufacturing conditions and time an item was made.

The spots on the bottom inside, are they dirt or glaze faults? What do the floral decorations on the top rim show, exactly? Can you provide partial pictures of the flowers beside the birds, and the bottom area they stand on? It is difficult to tell if that is printed or hand-painted with this pictures. Thanks in advance.


OK thank you Here are the pictures


It looks like the outline was printed and then hand painted, 2nd half of the 20th century or later.


Stan is right.
FYI, if you look at the contour lines, there are intermittent breaks or places where the lines get lighter. That is not usually the case with hand-painted lines, and the lines are too uniform in width. Painting with brushes does not look that way. That does not mean all is printed. Often the filling is hand-painted, or other parts of the decoration are hand-painted. But printing of this type was not used in China before the 20th century.