Japanese Blue & White Vase?

Started by tipton444, Nov 13, 2020, 14:13:34

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Hello again,

Here's another piece I've had for a long time sitting on my shelf.  I bought it at the flea market because it was unusual, and the texture of the porcelain looked old.  I haven't seen a pattern like this before, and all I can think of is it may be Japanese?  I forget the name of these flowers but they are very pretty.  What would the shape of this vase be called?  Someone wrote in black permanent marker on the bottom which I'll have to remove at some point. 

What do you guys think?  Is it old like I thought?  Or am I wrong and it's new? 


more pics


This is Fukagawa, the flowers are Irises a typical design by Chuji, made in Arita around 1900.


Excellent!  I'm glad to hear that, the seller I bought it from insisted it wasn't old but he had no idea, so I'm glad I bought it anyway.  Thank you very, very much Stan!