Japanese (or Chinese?) Imari Lamp Vase

Started by tipton444, Nov 13, 2020, 13:52:21

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Hey guys, 

I'm cleaning out my shelves, and I have quite a few pieces that I left aside in the hopes that I will eventually find out more, and I'm ready to figure out if they are old, new, junk, or decent.  I'm going to do a few posts, and forgive me if the items are terrible, I have table full of incredible chinese antiques to list soon and these are more of my question marks.  This lamp vase caught my eye, seeing as the lamp parts had some age, so I was hoping the vase did as well.  Now, I'm not the greatest at determining Chinese imari from Japanese (although I seem to spot the Japanese imari no problem), and I'm wondering where this might be from?  I thought the decoration wasn't too bad and the characteristics seemed a little different from typical imari pieces.. but I haven't seen a yellow ground vase like this before, so I'm guessing it's not that old, but hey maybe I'm wrong. 

Thank you Peter, Stan, and company for any inputs, as always, much appreciated.



last pics.  I didn't de-lamp it yet, just wanted to get some other opinions before doing so.  Thanks


I haven't seen any Chinese item yet with such a type of yellow color. Just a few observations. The motif is Chinese, the blue color seems to be hand-painted, but the red thin lines look as if they were printed/transfer printed.

May I point out that the cable cannot be that old? Molded plugs were used perhaps from the 1960s or even a bit earlier, before that plugs were screwed on, and the electric lines were covered with a type of webbing. Thus, what you have, if all is original, it may be vintage at the best...my personal opinion.


I agree with Peter, not very old and with out seeing the bottom it could be anything made anywhere, I have had lamps that I thought for sure were Japanese until I took it apart and the bottom was not Chinese or Japanese.


Okay great, thank you guys very much!  My initial thoughts were correct, so I'm glad to hear it from others as well.  Glad I wasn't the only one who hasn't seen this weird yellow ground.  I'll probably de-lamp it just for the heck of it for future learning purposes.  Another one down off the shelves!