Is this plate Chinese

Started by samborsu, Nov 13, 2020, 04:19:58

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Any idea if this is Chinese? This plate is very heavy and thick. Thanks


This is odd. The underside looks like an old Chinese plate, but the decoration is definitely not classic Kraak. It looks more like Japanese export or European in style.
It looks as if the edge is painted in some brownish/orange color. There is no clear picture of this, but please be aware that if the edge color also covers or goes into the flea bites (not exposing the white porcelain where the glaze has come off), then it was painted later on. This in turn also increases the possibility tha tthe whole decoration is not that old, and an old plain plate was painted much later than the body was made.



I agree with Peter, and old Chinese plate that has been redecorated at a much later time, the 18th century Japanese blue is not the same color as on this plate, also I would like to point out the edge of the plate has to many Frits in my opinion, Authentic kraak has not as much glaze loss on the edge, this looks like a lot of fakes, when I see edges like this I stay away from them.