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Started by de munte, Nov 12, 2020, 05:31:09

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de munte

Today I bought this imari vase, who can tell me more about this vase?

Greetings Peter

the Netherlands

de munte



The shape does not seem right for traditional Chinese porcelain, especially the foot rim shape and its thickness. If it was Chinese it would have to be on the early Kangxi side, but let us see if Stan thinks it could be Japanese. Overall it does not show the clear decoration Kangxi Imari items usually do have.


This looks like a Japanese Imari vase as you have already said, but the bottom looks like it could be late Meiji, the blue color and decoration could be older but the bottom doesn't show age signs.

de munte


so this is a meiji vase? around 1900 or so?

Greetings Peter