Chinese flower pot

Started by samborsu, Nov 12, 2020, 04:12:40

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Good afternoon, I have a Chinese Blue and white flower pot, but I do not know if it is modern or antique.I think It says Qing Dynasty Jiaqing period, but I am not sure. Anyone can help?


Stan, could this be Japanese? If it is not it is likely 20th century or later. Flower pots were not usually glazed on the inside, and one can see if one was used or not. It looks a bit too pristine in my view.


Hi Peter, the decoration looks Japanese, but the Zhuanshu type mark is to Chinese, the japanese as far as I know did not write the marks this way, I agree Peter, it is more than likely a modern Chinese planter.


I have had this for over 40 years and never used as a flower pot


Thanks Stan, the mark was the reason that I asked. I had doubts about the mark being Japanese. They did not usually copy this type, only Ming marks.