Eggshell thin porcelain cups, Chinese?

Started by Bok, Nov 06, 2020, 23:12:44

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Dear everyone, long time without posting...

I found these lovely very thin porcelain cups. The tiny faults and irregularities make me think they are old, but I have no clue how old?
Secondly, they do look Chinese in style to me, but I am not so familiar with plain white Chinese porcelain.

Any hints are much appreciated, thanks in advance for your time!


They might be Chinese, but to me the only that could have a hint to some age is the kiln grit. However, this is not an age sign per se, it is more of a sign that there was some grit on the bottom during firing.
However, the applique in light blue visible on the bottom does not look like a traditional Chinese decoration type, so if it is Chinese, it would be more modern. Could also be Japanese, probably. The trouble with such white wares is that they are not easy to identify.

BTW, is it eggshell?  Not sure if that  would allow such a decoration...


Thank you Peter for you reply and insights.

I had not noticed the light blue tint, need to investigate more in neutral daylight.

As far as the motif, I have come across purportedly Chinese blue and white cups which had a very similar ornament just above the foot rim, will need to see if I can find pictures of it. Those were marked as Ming, although I doubted that, they did look more like from a later period judging by the blue of the glaze.

Unfortunately I can not access the linked article, I thought any translucently thin porcelain was called eggshell... my bad if that is not the case.

Thanks again!