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Started by GerryG, Nov 04, 2020, 00:43:37

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I have a pair of these "bowls" or what are they? I've never seen this double ring handle before and although each is only a couple of inches in size, I am unsure as to their application. I think these are later, maybe Kangxi minyao ware. The cobalt blue is brighter and floats under the glaze. The design is from that period as well. Any ideas what use these bowls had?

Regards Gerry


I would say Qing dynasty, but would not insist on Kangxi, because the design seems to of a type that was used much from the mid- to late Qing dynasty. Not sure if it existed at all in the Kangxi reign.
This is a feeder for a bird cage, for water or food. The slugs are for attaching it to the cage.


Thanks so much Peter. Funny how the function becomes so obvious when one is told. Pity they aren't Xuande!



Why Xuande? Even early Ming items do not have a high collecting or investment value if they are of inferior quality. On the other hand good, high quality items of that period are very expensive.