Repulic Turquoise Vase Seal

Started by smak, Nov 02, 2020, 13:33:28

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Hi guys,

I think this is late republic period, but need your input!

When was this made? Would you say this is a desirable piece or a common piece?




What you have is an item in the Dayazhai style and with the three marks used by empress dowager Cixi, in other words it would be imperial if original.
There are early republic items copying the style and marks of this type, but the shape is unknown to me. Not sure if it (the shape) existed in the Qing dynasty as it is unknown to me, it is not a common shape. You will have to check on Cixi's items to check that. Her taste was unique and is not found on other wares, only in somr later imitations. Or, have someone do a hands-on inspection to check the glaze, age signs, etc. In these pictures it does not look that old.


You can find similar items by doing an image search for Dayazhai or 大雅齋, if this helps. Dayazhai was the name of a palace hall in which Cixi resided, as far as I know.. If one of these is early republic it still may have collecting value, but you need to make sure that the item/glaze is old. Most in the open market are later imitations as with all imperial level items.