Opinion in Kangxi circle vase

Started by mb1991, Nov 02, 2020, 05:53:54

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Hello all,

Another vase that I would like to request your opinion.

Could this be Kangxi? What about this "stencil" of the decoration inside the frames, does it mean that is 20th century?

All the best,





The face, looks like early republic, could be late Qing, Guangxu.


This is a so-called temple jar with missing lid. I concur with Stan that it is likely Guangxu or early republic. The gray line decoration is not that often encountered, but it existed in the Qing dynasty. The blue background is a bit brighter than the usual blue glazes, but the shape is more likely late Qing than later, probably.
The condition of the bottom glaze means that it is not Kangxi.