Possible Ming vase

Started by Kdknight, Oct 30, 2020, 04:33:08

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I was hoping that one of you could help me identify/ authenticate this vase and help translate the symbols on the bottom. Thank you


The mark could be from the Ming dynasty ChengHua period. gotheborg.com/marks/mingmarks.shtml#chenghua.
But you'll have to wait for a response from Peter or Stan to know if it real or not


The mark is spurious. Please upload pictures of the whole item for evaluation.  From these it is not even possible to tell if it is Chinese or Japanese.


See if these pics works better.


The metal top rim is frequently found on jars used as tea caddies.

Qing dynasty. Not quite clear from when exactly. I would rather say mid-Qing than Kangxi because a Chenghua mark would be unlikely during that reign, at least I have not yet encountered one.
What would speak for Kangxi is the line pattern framing the floral decoration and, before all, the shape of the jar. However the glaze inclusions in the bottom area are less likely Kangxi. Kangxi bottoms may have some glaze indents but such inclusions are less likely.

Chenghua marks are usually found on certain item types of the mid and late Qing dynasty, and even more still on Japanese items. The mark cannot be taken into evaluation with this.