Yuan Ewer Kendi

Started by smak, Oct 27, 2020, 10:20:08

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Hi guys,

I have some doubts, but what do you think?

When was this made?
How desirable is this for a collector?


Don't buy it is you didn't already, I would say.
This seems also to be a fake. For one, the bottom here is also impossible, including foot rim, spiral and color.
Then it couldn't be Yuan, even if it was not fake. The banana leaves shown on the neck have a white center rib, with Yuan wares this is always a a single line. As far as I know this way of painting them was mandated by the court.


Thanks peterp!

I actually have not seen much examples of Yuan pieces thats why. Is there a reason why we don't really see yuan pieces in the market?
Were they destroyed after Ming?



I just wrote a short article regarding this and put it into the 'Additional Info' board.

It is still possible to find authentic smaller items, but with any large plates, vases, etc. it is necessary to be careful. They do not appear in the open market, normally.


Thanks Peterp! I read your post! It makes more sense, metal ware lasts longer, and if they are on the move/ horse back it makes more sense to use metalwares since it wont break during a long ride.