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Started by mb1991, Oct 17, 2020, 09:41:43

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Hello all,

I would like to ask again for your precious opinion of a pair of vases that I own.
They are about 1 feet and a half and slightly heavy.

Are they hand painted? and what about period? Could be older than 20th century?

Thanks in advance!


more pics:


more pics


The vases are old, probably late Qing dynasty, Guangxu reign or early 20th century. Should be a wucai decoration.
The yellow color of the right vase is odd. If you have access to the vases, check the right one with a needle, to see if the glaze is pliable. Such a color is sometimes the result of a repair that was finished with a thin liquid glue or epoxy being applied on the surface. These often start yellowing after some time. Look with a light inside if you can detect any repairs. The one on the left shows white paint covering something inside the neck. Could also be a repair, and it is easy to detect. If the seller did not tell you the vases are repaired, I would be very careful.