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Started by de munte, Sep 28, 2020, 18:47:05

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de munte

who can tell me more about this vase?

greetings Peter


Just by looking at the foot would date this from the 60's or later.

de munte


I hoped it would be older.

To learn more about it, what can je see on the foot the give it that date?


After you have seen many bottoms, new and old, you will come to recognize some details.
As Stan mentioned, the foot (foot rim and base area inside) are not that old, but there are other details that show age, or the lack of it. An antique item's foot rim would have a more or less sharp corner, where foot rim and base area are connected. If that is rounded (radius) instead, it is always later in the 20th century.
The shape, that is the proportion of mouth to body diameter also show it is later, then the blue rings along mouth and base are something typical for the 20th century.
The pigment tone and decoration also point to a later item, possibly made at Liling kiln.

It is recommended to avoid items with blue rims and a rounded connection between foot rim and base area as such items often are not sufficiently old to be antiques. Look at export porcelain to get an approximate idea of how the bottom looks. You should have many opportunities to see such in the NL.