chinese bowl

Started by de munte, Sep 28, 2020, 05:16:54

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de munte

Since a short time i'm interested in chinese porcelain. I bought some porcelain, and hope te learn about chinese porcelain.

Can somebody tell me more about this bowl?

It looks hand painted.

it is 4.527559  inches wide
and 2.165354 inches high

greetings from the Netherlands


This looks like a Qing dynasty decoration. The bottom is a bit too neat, though. Usually the bottom would show some age/production or usage related traces. If there are any blemishes, like glaze faults or tiny holes in the glaze or bottom, these may show whether an item is old or not. This one looks as if it was in pristine condition.

de munte

thanks for your answer!

this bowl is from around the year 1900 I think?

Greetings Peter


to me it looks like fairly new.