Celadon Glaze Altar Piece Incense Burner with a MARK

Started by smak, Aug 09, 2020, 05:56:26

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Hi All,

Need help identifying its age, Im thinking late Qing early republic.

Let me know what your thoughts are! I have not seen a piece like this before! Are these common?

15 inches wide and 4 inches Tall!

Many Thanks!


Hi smak,
Actually, I have some doubts about something like this being made in the Qing dynasty, even with an authentic looking Qianlong mark. As you, I have never seen something like this...
Is this in one piece, or a set? The areas around the base/feet of the individual items look as if they were fired individually. But if they are fixed on the base this is odd. If it was to be stuck together they would do this before firing, before the glaze would be applied to all of it; a single item would mean that there should be no unglazed areas between the individual items and the base.

If it is one piece, then it would be a bit impractical for use on an altar, because incense stick holder, censer, etc. need to be emptied/cleaned periodically, which would be easier with individual items.

A Qianlong fired bottom would not have this color and consistency. Too much of the base is orange from firing, and the base looks too smooth and not as those of the Qianlong era, AND the items for such a purpose would hardly be marked, in my view.

If this was a simple, single item from five hundred years ago I would think it could be burial ware, but not with this mark. I would leave it...Could be a more recent item.


Thanks Peter!

I had some doubts too but this is more recent!