Qing Noodle Bowl?

Started by smak, Aug 02, 2020, 10:31:25

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Hi guys,

What do you guys think?  When was this made? And what was this for? Is this a Noodle bowl? Common ware?

I've never come across this type of bowl before



Did you note the decoration of this shows traits of Kraak decorations, It isn't Ming though due to the interior rim decoration and foot rim, I would think.
Noodle, rice, we only can say that it likely was for food, depending on its size. Smaller ones are usually tea bowls, and still smaller ones were used for liquor. But there were also large tea and liquor bowls in use in the Yuan and earlier dynasties.

BTW, the bowl in the background, on right side of the top picture, is a nice piece. The decoration looks like early Ming to 15th century. Many of these show a slightly bleached blue color because they were either excavated or from shipwrecks.


Here too I felt unsure of the dating. I feel that this is either transitional period, or more likely early Qing dynasty, upt to Kangx perhaps. The foot rim and top rim decoration on the inside look as if they were Qing, while the decoration type possibly is early Qing Kraak. A similar mark could not be found.


Thanks again Peter! Im thinking early Qing as well, the color and design is more like Kraak as well! But I must say for that era, this bowl is in pretty good condition. The glaze still looks new-ish.

Thanks for your comment on my collection! I actually have a few more like that Ming bowl in the back!