Started by smak, Jul 31, 2020, 13:59:54

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Hi All,

What do you guys think? Is this piece desirable? How is the condition on this?

When was this made?

Many THanks


I have reserveations regarding the foot rim shape and bottom. The Fu character in the mark is right for Ming, but not sure if the neck decoration conforms to the period. Usually, the single line swirls of the Ming dynasty are connected in pairs, while those of the Qing dynasty are connected all around. If that should conform to the pair rule then the left top of your example would be wrong too.
The blue pigment tone also looks a bit odd; if the real blue color is the one shown in the top picture, then this could be a fake, in my view.


Thanks Peterp, I was having some doubts on the color of the blue as well. I just saw some provenance paper work thats why I was unsure about this piece!