Miniatuur schipbreuk vase

Started by Rec, Jul 18, 2020, 17:19:27

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Hallo there
Any chance that this miniatuur vase a genunie chinese vase is? If so from wat period?
Thans in avances and greetings



This does not look like a Chinese shape. But I also have doubts about it being a genuine shipwreck item. Usually there are not so many white spots, they are often not thick as here, and on this pieces they are too evenly distributed.. Unless there are mollusks, which usually are bigger and have different sizes, the surface has whitish sediments from the water. Here it looks more like a type of decoration. And if there was so much growth, why is there none at all inside. Could have been  immersed in something for some time to create this effect.


my only explanation is that it had a cap on it; admittedly half broken cap because water and sediment have entered the vase as there is something to see at the bottom of the vase. but otherwise I agree with you. sediment looks too uniform and that wouldn't be the case in real life I think .. I think because I have no idea what a shipwreck vase should look like after being on the bottom for x years.