QianLong era porcelain charger

Started by shaunn, Jul 07, 2020, 20:35:36

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Hey everyone,

I am just writing to ask about this Qianlong era charger I purchased from my friend. Its actually pretty big and heavy and the details look pretty fine. Still I am not entirely sure whether this is real or more like a reproduction.

Any advice will be great!


We need a photo from the whole backside and footrim.


The colors used are 20th century chemical colors.


I would like to add that olive green colors and a zhuanshu Qianlong mark do not go together. The olive color would not have been used between the early and very late Qing dynasty; this includes the Qianlong reign. Thus the mark is spurious too.


Hey Peter and Stan,

Thanks both for your comments. I also had my suspicions regarding the colours and the mark. Once again much appreciate it



Hi Peter, When did the olive color come into existence?


Olive green was used in the Kangxi reign, but then disappeared for some reason and was used again in the Guangxu reign. Not sure if Tongzhi used it. I believe some variation of it was already used on some Ming wares, but it was not that common.