Celadon incense burner

Started by JjGhandi, Jun 16, 2020, 19:31:51

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Hello everyone,

I have no idea what I bought today.
I guess its some kind of incense burner.

Is this even Chinese?
The non finished, dripped glaze at the bottom is surely remarkable.

It's not anything European and I can't really imagine a new piece being glazed like that.
I'm guessing either a handicraft item made by someone or an old piece.

It has crackles all over (also on the non-glazed part), the glaze has this blue/oily look at the end and on the bottom of the inside.

What do you guys think? Is this Chinese?

Thanks in advance,



More pictures


Censers never have holes in the bottom, because if they are for incense sticks, they contain sand, and if they are for powder incense, the incense would just run out of the bottom.

Maybe a sort of flower pot? Not Chinese and not antique, in my view.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your quick reply!
Makes (in)sense about the holes :)

Kind regards,