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Started by konniela, Jun 09, 2020, 21:59:19

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Hello to everybody here,

this tea caddy has a (very similar) mark, I found in Gerald Davisons book of chinese marks, bao zhu li ji, mark of beneficial pearls, business name, used late qing and republic. I could not found any other piece to compare, so I need some help with dating. 



more photos


one more


I would think by the blue color and high mouth late Guangxu or later.


Late Qing to early republic, as Stan said, probably.
This is a shop mark and they seem to have existed already in the Qing dynasty. The painting style is also of a type that seems to have appeared only in the late Qing dynasty.


On page 17 of Peter's E-book there's a Qing tea caddy that has indeed a much smaller mouth.

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The shape is not a problem, that did exist already in the 18th century, but the decoration style and pigment tone tells us that it is later.


Thanks for comfirmation late qing to early republic. I thougt, time could be right, because the decoration and colours looks to my a little bit  like Kangxi revival, what is typical for late quing. I am happy, that I could use the book of Gerald Davison first time to find such a mark.