Chinese Vase - Date and info?

Started by rodd, May 30, 2020, 08:47:00

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Here is another vase that my in laws have had in the home for many, many years. Any thoughts and information would be appreciated.

It is 51cm tall and 23 cm wide. The colors are beautiful. It appears to have a metallic zinc looking paint too.
The wooden base is attached so I can't see a mark or the bottom of the vase.




More pix.


This is 20th century. While the faces and some details are similar to late Qing or early republic, the decoration on red background is more recent. It is also possible that an older decoration was over-painted, however the colors used are all wrong for an antique vase, I'm afraid. Several of the colors or color combinations were never used on antique items.


Okay. Thanks. They have had it since atleast the 1940's. So, it must have been a contemporary vase when they acquired it.

I appreciate your input.