Chinese or Japanese Vase ?

Started by MarjadeVries, May 24, 2020, 21:39:14

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Small Vase 12 cm ,
does anyone know what kind of vase this is, Japanese or Chinese, how old and if it is of great value, it is in mint condition


Not sure what material it is made of...the color looks like earthenware, but such carvings in a vase are nothing antique Chinese, in my view. The shape of the temple gate looks also more Japanese than Chinese. Let's see what Stan says.
BTW, the characters are not clear enough to read.


new photo of the brand, it is the best I can make, it is quite difficult to read


It is not the photo, it is because part of the characters are not sharp enough to show the strokes.


The Vase looks like Japanese Sumida to me, the glazes are usually done in orange, dark brown and blue combinations, however I have seen them in single colors like this as well, Im not sure if that is what it is, they are usually marked.