Qianlong Flambe Vase?

Started by smak, May 15, 2020, 11:33:38

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Hi All,

I have some doubts but would like your thoughts on it! There is one imperfection that I can see, there seems to be a bubble on the glaze.





Looks good to me from these pictures, but without a hands-on inspection of the glaze, etc. it is difficult to tell if it is  authentic. A common problem with monochromes is that you almost only have the glaze condition and base age signs to check.


The only thing that bothers me is that a grinder was used to smooth out the bottom, on late 19th century the glaze would stick to the bottom of the kiln and make a very uneven bottom, earlier flambé would be even naturally otherwise it looks good, the question is when was it grounded, when it was made or at a later date, because it is clear that it was an electric grinder.


It does not necessarily have to be Qianlong reign, as the mark says. Actually, if the glaze is running down to the bottom the overflow is normally knocked off, not ground. That looks different.
If the edge of the foot rim and glaze was indeed ground, then I would let it go. It is just that that place is not clearly visible in the pictures.