Started by Isaac1998, Apr 20, 2020, 21:47:19

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Test Post


Huzzah! My ability to post seems to have re-appeared... Perhaps there was simply an issue with my internet speed earlier though I did try several times. Sorry.

Have spotted this here in China listed as a broken Song vase and I wonder if it is Liao? Also a rather nice large russet-coloured jar, around 200USD for the pair. Thoughts?


And the jar:


Sadly both have seen better days but they look quite nice to me?


A couple of slightly more organised thoughts (I rushed this post in case I was unable to upload after a few minutes)

-vase- could also be Song but from what I have seen these mustard/amber glazes are more typical of Liao pieces?

-jar- a bit of a mystery to me- is it Qing? Heavily damaged- I wonder if there was a handle or some sort of fitting on the side that has broken off, in the area where the glaze is visibly different.


Whether the yellow one is Liao is difficult to tell as the top wast cut off, and there seems to be no slip (at least none is visible in these pictures. It can only be said that is not Song. The bottom is not quite right for that.

The other jar has red clay and that one is also difficult to date or tell the origin. It is too non-descript and could be from anywhere, a sothern kiln, or even outside China, perhaps. Looks like a common storage jar.
Such items have little collecting and investment value, I'm afraid. You should be able to get something better for that price, I would think.


Always useful to know... In that case I will leave them! Thanks.