Re: Imari, Chinese or Japanese?4

Started by samborsu, Apr 18, 2020, 03:43:15

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number 4


Plate 4 looks more Japanese, the other 3 plates look good, one more picture for each showing the outside edge thickness, thanks.


One of the ways to tell if it is Japanese or Chinese is on this plate I can see traces of stilt mark, also the blue lines around the foot and on the bottom also is Japanese, it is still to hard to see the shape of the foot, it looks straight and the porcelain is thin which make me think later 1900-1910 is my opinion.


Stan, I hope this pictures are better


The foot rim looks wide, low, and is round. This is Japanese.
(In Chinese porcelain only the Dehua kiln could have such a foot rim, but not porcelain made at Jingdezhen. However, Dehua also does not have such decorations.)