Vase quanlong mark, Japanese design

Started by samborsu, Mar 23, 2020, 02:14:37

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I have this vase with a quanlong mark. The vase design is Japanese geishas.
This is 20" H with cover , 15"1/2 witout cover.
Can you tell me when it was made and if it was for a special market
Thank you


This to me dose not look like either Chinese or Japanese, the Chinese would not be imitating Japanese this badly and if this was Japanese It would have to be new and I do not think they would be putting a Qianlong Chinese mark, that is my opinion, lets see what others say.


This is a typical Macau (Macao) decoration of 1960s – 1970s, when this area was a Portuguese colony, I think.
This decoration has pale and opaque enamels and an "un-Chinese" style, sometime more Japanese than Chinese does.
Normally a thick enamel is used; these pieces are with a Chinese mark, sometimes without mark.


The lady's attire is definitely Japanese. This combined with the apocryphal Qianlong mark probably means it was made for export to either Japan or the West. I think it is more likely the latter. In the west they would not know what the mark says.


Thank you for your answers. Does this vase have any value?