Bowl and saucer with Xuande mark

Started by JjGhandi, Mar 20, 2020, 05:05:38

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Hello everyone,

What do you think about this bowl and saucer with Xuande mark?

Could this be early 19th century?
Or just straight gake?

I can only see crackles as age sign.

I'm a bit confused as why the decoration in the bowl stops.
It's like a part is missing.

Thanks in advance for your expertise!



More pics


And more pics


This is printed. An item from the second half of the 20th century (or later) with no collecting value.


Hi Prter,

Thanks for explaining!

I was thinking this was printed but who prints this badly??

Anyway, thanks again. I really appreciate it.


This type of printing is also known as transfer printing, the decoration was printed on paper and then transferred to an unfired porcelain base and then fired, when they lift the paper off the decoration sticks to the porcelain surface, however not all sticks and therefore leaves blank spots as in the decortion on this bowl, note how even the double blue line on the bottom is and the missing blue when it was removed, it makes it more easier to avoid buying items like this because of the very low collectability as Peter mentioned, another point if interest is the decoration will all have the same deep blue color, a hand painted item will start deep blue and then lighter at the end of the stroke, but not all the time if drawn with a sharp pointed object, I hope this helps.


So that is how transfer printing is done!

Thanks Stan!